About Julia

Julia L. Foulkes (CBA ’16) is a Professor of History at the New School where she investigates questions about the arts, urban studies, and history, and chairs the curricular area in Arts and Social Engagement. She is the author of Modern Bodies: Dance and American Modernism from Martha Graham to Alvin Ailey  (2002); To the City: Urban Photographs of the New Deal (2011); and the forthcoming A Place for Us: West Side Story and New York (2016).

A Center for Dance

New York has long been the primary home of ballet in the U.S. But identifying a specific place in the city has been a battle. In the mid-20th century, both City Center and Lincoln Center sought to be the home for the New York City Ballet, rousing pitched debate between patrons, politicians, choreographers, and architects. The struggles raised fundamental questions that remain with us today: Who is dance for? And what role does it have in the city?