About Anno

Anno Kachina (CBA ’17-18) is an Egyptian contemporary dancer and student in the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center’s three-year professional training program. Currently, he is living in New York as an Artist Protection Fund (APF) Fellow in residency at The Center for Ballet and the Arts at New York University. The APF program offers grants to threatened artists and places them at host universities and arts centers in safe countries where they can continue their work. Anno considers dance the medium which drives his life-long exploration of ‘what it means to be human.’

The Aftermath of a Revolution

The 2011 Egyptian Revolution engulfed everyone who was involved in it, shaping their lives for years to follow. Seven years later, Anno is trying to make sense of it all: the passion, the pain, the disillusionment. Through his APF Fellowship at CBA, Anno will attempt to revive these experiences by creating a piece that is a physical manifestation of his Revolution.