About Laura

Laura Quinton (CBA ’16) is a Ph.D. student in the History Department at New York University and a 2016 Summer Graduate Fellow at the Center for Ballet and the Arts. She received a B.A. in Dance and History from Barnard College and a Master’s degree in Modern British and European History from Oxford University. She researches twentieth-century British ballet history, focusing on the relationship between ballet aesthetics and British politics in the postwar period.

Making Ballet British: Ninette de Valois and the Invention of a National Art Form, c. 1930-1965

At the Center, Quinton began to interrogate the invention of ballet as a national high art form in mid-twentieth century Britain. She focused on the role of Ninette de Valois, the Anglo-Irish choreographer, writer, and founder of the Royal Ballet, in this process. As the project was in its earliest stages, time at the Center was spent conducting preliminary primary source research.