March 6, 2023
6:00pm ET

A paean to order and clarity, George Balanchine’s Symphony in C, set to music by Georges Bizet, has elicited responses much less restrained. Critics have called it “thrilling,” “fireworks,” reporting that audiences “[shout] with delight.” As the 75th anniversary of its New York premiere (March 22, 1948) approaches, Symphony in C is performed more widely than ever. This presentation by music theorist Kara Yoo Leaman (CBA ’23) explores the intricate connections between the dance and the music through detailed analyses designed to be appreciated by musicians and non-musicians alike. As Balanchine himself once said, “You have to analyze in advance what this music is all about, what kind of a sound it is, why it’s written this way, what it represents. Somebody has to analyze this; in this case, I did.”

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