CBA is designed to accomplish two things: first, to bring to the art of ballet new ideas and the full resources of a major research university; second, to bring ballet into the university as a serious subject of study and research—to define it as a field in the history of culture.


While ballet remains at the core of our mission, CBA’s inherently multidisciplinary nature has led us to grow up around and beyond it: we have become an international research institute for the performing arts organized around dance.


The CBA Fellowship Program awards residencies to artists and scholars across disciplines to work on projects that expand the way we think about the history, practice, and performance of dance. Fellows are not required to be experts in ballet or dance, but must have an interest in engaging with the art. The fellowship provides space, a stipend, and time to pursue rigorous work. Fellows also gain new colleagues and a broad community of artists and scholars, two communities that do not often meet.

Resident Fellowship

  • Overview

    The Resident Fellowship is our core offering for scholars and artists of all disciplines to develop projects that expand the way we think about the history, practice, and performance of dance. Past fellows have come from wide-ranging disciplines such as history, design, philosophy, visual arts, and more. Fellows are not required to be experts in ballet or dance but must have an interest in engaging with the art forms.

    The fellowship provides space, a stipend, and the time to pursue rigorous work. Fellows also gain new colleagues and a broad community of scholars and artists, two communities that do not often meet.

    For the 2022-23 academic year, we have changed our selection process, and will no longer be accepting open applications.

    Going forward, fellows will be nominated by a committee of artists and scholars. Fellows will be selected for their interest in cross-disciplinary collaboration, demonstrated contributions in their area of expertise, and the extent to which CBA can support a current project.

    If you would like The Center to be aware of your work, you may fill out this form. Please note this is not an application for the fellowship. We look forward to learning more.

Rockefeller Fellowship

  • Overview

    The Rockefeller Fellowship is a collaboration between CBA and the Laboratory of Neurogenetics of Language at Rockefeller University to investigate the genetic origin and evolutionary purpose of dance across different species with an eye to developing new clinical therapies. Rockefeller Fellows are appointed by Rockefeller University and awarded a semester-long residency with full access to CBA and NYU’s academic and artistic resources.

CBA-National Sawdust Toulmin Partnership

  • Overview

    The Center for Ballet and the Arts & National Sawdust Partnership is a one-year collaboration that supports 45 appointed female, trans, and non-binary choreographers and composers, with the aim of creating new works in the virtual medium. The program aims to help these individuals develop their skills, create and present new work, and build a community of like-minded artists that will meaningfully advance their careers.

    Thank you to the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation for making this partnership possible.

Artistic Partnership Initiative

  • Overview

    The Artistic Partnership Initiative is a collaboration between The Center and professional dance companies around the world to advance the art of choreography. Each year, CBA selects dance companies to nominate an individual with notable choreographic abilities. Fellows are awarded a 3-4 week residency to develop new work with the full resources of CBA and NYU.


    Caili Quan

    Megan Williams
    Mark Morris Dance Group


    Gemma Bond
    American Ballet Theatre

    Julie Cunningham

    Shannon Glover
    Joburg Ballet

    Wubkje Kuindersma
    Dutch National Ballet

Director’s Fellowship

  • Overview

    The Director’s Fellowship supports artists and scholars who have made significant contributions to the field of dance. It is awarded at the discretion of CBA’s Founder and Director.

    2020 – 2021

    Jamar Roberts, Resident Choreographer, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

    2019 – 2020

    Kim Brandstrup, Choreographer and Filmmaker

    Alastair Macaulay, Performing Arts Critic

    2018 – 2019

    Allegra Kent, Ballet Dancer, Actress, and Author

    Joseph V. Melillo, Executive Producer, Emeritus, Brooklyn Academy of Music

Alumni Benefits

  • Overview

    Many CBA fellowship benefits extend beyond the residency. We welcome alumni to use our studio, offices, and conference rooms (as available). Alumni are also encouraged to join us for our weekly fellows seminars. Finally, alumni benefit from CBA’s ever-growing network of artists and scholars, who stay connected far beyond their fellowships.

CBA Fellows: Published and Presented Works

CBA Fellowships are unique in that we don’t ask artists and scholars to produce finished work. We understand that projects can take a long time to come to fruition and we recognize that the benefits of CBA Fellowships will serve artists and scholars in many valuable ways throughout their careers.

Still, we are delighted when CBA Fellowship projects are published or presented in a public setting. Click here for a list of such works.

If you are a CBA Fellow and would like to suggest an addition to this list, please email us at

Work with Our Fellows

On occasion, CBA Fellows seek to work with artists. They may utilize our artistic collaborator database to make these connections.

Complete this questionnaire if you would like to be listed. You may be contacted if there is a fit with a particular project.

CBA may facilitate an introduction. However, placement, payment, and all other details are to be coordinated with the CBA Fellow. Completion of this form does not guarantee placement.

Questions? Please contact Courtney Sams (