April 27th, 2023
6:00pm EDT

Padmini Chettur, pioneering choreographer and dancer based in Chennai, India, appears for the first time in New York to talk about her work, under the auspices of the Center for Ballet and the Arts at New York University. Emerging out of the Indian form Bharatanatyam and crossing multiple disciplines, Chettur’s experimental movement practice undoes the fixity of the classical through rigorous inquiry into the form and politics of dance and the body. On April 27th, Chettur will discuss her work with current CBA Fellows, dance scholar Anurima Banerji (UCLA) and classicist and theorist Brooke Holmes (Princeton University) at the Center for Ballet and the Arts. They will consider questions such as, what is the relationship between tradition and the contemporary? What archives does a body hold? And how do artists shape new futures with the creative legacies they carry?

FOR IN PERSON ATTENDANCE: Per NYU Policy, guests are required to bring photo ID and proof of vaccination. Failure to do so may result in entry denial. Additionally, all in-person guests must be registered into NYU’s guest access system, and the information will be used for purposes such as emergency procedures and contact tracing.

If you require ASL or CART, please contact nyucba@gmail.com before April 20th.

Photo of Padmini Chettur by SAF © Padmini Chettur