About Mio Ishikawa

New York, NY

Mio Ishikawa (CBA ’24) is a movement artist based in New York City who has a deep interest in collaboration. A native of Tokyo, she graduated from the Juilliard School in 2019 with a BFA in dance. She has performed in Sleep No More, an immersive work by the British theater group, Punchdrunk, and with Sidra Bell Dance New York and Company SBB/ Stefanie Batten Bland. She is also an associate artistic director of Bodysonnet, a collective of contemporary dance makers who work in non-traditional spaces.

During her fellowship, Ishikawa will explore the Japanese concept of “yohaku ma,” which means negative space, by creating what she describes as “dance-based landscapes” that focus on the textures and emotions found in the space between movement.


Olga Rabetskaya

Amy J Gardner