About Suzanne Vega

New York, NY

Suzanne Vega (CBA ’15) is a New York based singer/songwriter who has sold more than 7 million albums over the course of her career. She began studying ballet at the age of nine, and eventually majored in modern dance at the High School of Performing Arts. She has a degree in English Literature and theater from Barnard College. She also hosted the Peabody Award winning show American Mavericks about classical composers, and writes articles for The New York Times and the London Times.

Solitude Dances: Songs Into Ballet

Vega’s goal was to create a 40 minute ballet piece. She collaborated with a choreographer on a vision of how to bring the world of selected songs to life onstage. “Solitude Standing,” “The Queen and the Soldier,” and “Calypso,” for example, each have solitary female characters in unique circumstances which could be interpreted literally into a sequence of narratives, or into one overarching piece.