About John Goodman

New York, NY

John Goodman (CBA ’19) is a freelance art historian who received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University and who has also been a professional translator for 25 years. He has published widely on French 18th century painting, but his most important work to date has been in the field of scholarly translation. His many translations include Diderot on Art (two volumes; 1995), Toward an Architecture by Le Corbusier (2007), and four books by the eminent art theorist Hubert Damisch. Goodman’s André Levinson on Balanchine, 1925-1933 has just been published in Ballet Review (Spring 2018).

André Levinson and “The Faces of Dance”

At The Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU, Goodman will continue his extended research campaign focused on the French publications of the great Russian-born critic and historian André Levinson (1927-1933), which began to appear immediately after his emigration to Paris in 1921. This remarkable body of work, which includes significant literary and film criticism as well as dance writing, remains insufficiently well known. Upon completion of his annotated English edition of Levinson’s La Danse d’aujourd’hui (Dance Today; 1929) in the fall of 2018, Goodman will commence work on a translation of Les Visages de la danse (1933), Levinson’s final anthology of dance criticism, one that, much like its predecessor, covers the full range of theatrical dance on offer in interwar Paris, from classical ballet and early modern dance to Asian dance, Spanish dance, and music-hall performance.


John Goodman headshot. Photo by Robert Vazquez.

Photo by Robert Vazquez.

John Goodman headshot. Photo by Robert Vazquez.