About Julie Malnig

New York, New York

Julie Malnig (CBA ’19) is a cultural historian of dance and theatre performance. She is an Associate Professor at the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she holds a Ph.D. in performance studies. Malnig is the author of Dancing Till Dawn: A Century of Exhibition Ballroom Dance and Editor of Ballroom, Boogie, Shimmy Sham, Shake: A Social and Popular Dance Reader. She is the former editor of Dance Research Journal, one of the major scholarly journals in the field. Recent articles have appeared in On Stage Alone: Soloists and the Modern Dance Canon and Perspectives on American Dance: The Twentieth Century.

Reality Show: American Teen Dance and the Cold War

While a fellow at The Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU, Malnig will focus on her anticipated book, a study of rock and roll dance, race, and television during the height of the Cold War years, a time of social and political retrenchment brought on by fears of Communism, the atom bomb, and racial and ethnic strife in urban areas. The crux of the study is to explore how social and popular dance styles were created and disseminated within this new and burgeoning technology. It will also explore how the civil rights movement, also televised during this time, affected the way in which these dances were perceived and received.


Julie Malnig. Photo by Beowulf Sheehan.

Julie Malnig, photographed December 17, 2014. Photo © Beowulf Sheehan +1 917 450 2345 mail@beowulfsheehan.com

Julie Malnig. Photo by Beowulf Sheehan.