About Mimi Yin

New York, NY

Mimi Yin (CBA ’19) is an artist, designer, and educator. She teaches at ITP, a technology program housed in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her research looks at two aspects of designing interactive systems for live performance: algorithmic approaches to composition and interactivity as a form of structured improvisation. Currently, she is developing a method of inquiry that reframes choreography as a form of visual art in order to build common ground for choreographers and media artists collaborating on interactive work. Most recently, her work has examined the role of embodied cognition (or how bodies inform the mind) in group interactions.

Choreographic Interventions

At The Center for Ballet and the Arts at NYU, Yin will explore the use of interactive media as a mode of “choreographic intervention,” where coded rules of interaction provide a framework for dancers to collectively compose improvisations that explore form and structure with rigor and creativity. The goal is to refine a series of exercises and accompanying software tools to train dancers in this new mode of trans-media improvisation. Ultimately, the results of this research will be made available online as teaching materials or tools that will allow choreographers with minimal technical experience to create interactive work.



Mimi Yin headshot. Photo by Susan Spiller.

Mimi Yin headshot. Photo by Susan Spiller.

Mimi Yin headshot. Photo by Susan Spiller.